Nissan Leaf EV enters 10,000-mile Mongol Rally

If you envisaged the Leaf AT-EV (all terrain electric vehicle) being some sort of monster electric Group B rally machine you are in for a disappointment. Ramsey’s car is surprisingly similar to the ones you will see on a dealer forecourt. The 30kW battery is standard and so is the optimal driving range of 150-odd miles. Ditto the 110bhp/80kW traction motor.

"Despite only driving in deepest darkest West Sussex, and with a bona fide rally driver alongside me, I was aware that being in an EV there were considerably fewer mechanical bits to break. That’s a comforting feeling which I suspect will come into its own when barrelling down a dirt track in the back of beyond."

He expects to cover around 90 miles a day, charging overnight from either domestic or dedicated outlets he has already plotted along his route. Thirty minute top-ups from 22kW fast chargers located along the less remote parts of the route will let him head off-piste and smell the daisies.

Luckily several governments along the way including that of Kazakhstan are keen to boost their EV infrastructure.

Nissan Leaf EV enters 10,000-mile Mongol Rally

90-mile range, plus EV charging points are few and far between in Siberia.

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