Hubzilla Social Network - A Feature-rich alternative to Facebook (screenshots)

Hubzilla Social Network - A Feature-rich alternative to Facebook (screenshots)

This network has nowhere near the number of followers that Facebook has but it is run without advertising or providing your data to 3rd parties and does federate with Friendica, Mastodon, Diaspora, GNU Social and others. I've posted a few screenshots below on Flickr that highlight some of its features and also gives a feel for what it looks like.

It is certainly feature rich and whilst it does federate with other networks I may still give the edge to the Friendica network in terms of having maybe an even richer integration (but Friendica lacks many of the other features that Hubzilla has).

The screenshots are at and my feed stream is at This particular instance of Hubzilla is brand new so only a few users, and it was created by Africans for all Africans as most other instances are in USA, Europe, etc. This instance can be found at A Mastodon instance has also been started for Africa at for those who want more of a Twitter type experience.

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Hubzilla Social Network
Showing some screenshots from a Facebook alternative social network called Hubzilla. You can view my stream there at

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