Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch Active will have ECG heart rate tracking (from H1 2020), report claims

This won’t be the first time a Samsung smartwatch will include heart rate tracking, but previous watches like the Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Watch have only included less accurate light-based optical trackers. In contrast, electrocardiogram (ECG) trackers measure electrical signals, which are more accurate and also open up the possibility for them to detect health conditions. However, ECG requires the FDA to grant its approval for devices featuring the functionality, which is reportedly the reason for Samsung’s delayed release of the feature.

So far we have Apple Watch, Withings and now Samsung coming out with ECG. Looks like a trend that will increase and a good thing that more advanced heart monitoring is appearing in wearables. It's a feature that will probably prompt many to upgrade and even get first-time smartwatch owners to take the plunge.

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#^Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch Active will have ECG heart rate tracking, report claims


But the feature won’t go live until 2020

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