Do your contacts a favour and make yourself available on Signal and / or Telegram today so THEY can switch

The irony of it is many people say they can't switch away from Whatsapp as "their contacts are not there". But if they are also not there, their contacts don't switch. With today's phones and push notifications, you can easily have five or more instant messengers running with no negative effect. So why do so many people only sit on Whatsapp which will not let its desktop app run without the active presence of the mobile phone (bad luck on Whatsapp if your phone battery is flat or you lose the phone)? Telegram, for example, allows way bigger groups and better group management, as well as better bot ability from applications.

Do your friends a favour and load another alternative messenger or tow on your phone today!

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WhatsApp will get a name change alongside Instagram to make it clear that the companies are owned by Facebook. The rebranded apps will now be called “Instagram from Facebook” and “WhatsApp from Facebook.” Bloomberg reports that the move is controversial because both of the apps were born outside of Facebook, have very different corporate cu...

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