Victron Energy Listens! They added my local currency to their energy savings reports and shows a 45% energy bill savings from my solar

I noticed the reports only showed Euros, Pounds and Dollars and because of their strength the max was a "2" whilst our cost is South African Rands was R2.29 per kWh. So I logged a request and Victron Energy said they'd look at it and low and behold there sits ZAR alongside Dollars, Euros and Pounds with the scale increased to a 4.

It validates my reason for upgrading from my previous Victron PV system to another Victron system. They do listen to their community and their products have open-sourced software which makes it easier for 3rd parties and home automation users to integrate.

We're still in Winter and our Summer days are a lot longer so I'm expecting way better savings as we get into Spring. I'm planning to add a few more batteries which will see me right through the night on sunshine power instead of now where the 60% cut off kicks in at around 11pm.

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