Lesson for politicians - SA's ex-President fined R500k for misinformation via Twitter

The takeaway for politicians the world around is that what is stated on Twitter is public and is on record as public speech and utterances. There is no parliamentary privilege or different rules for what can be said (the same goes for non-politicians). Ordinary laws of defamation, libel, intimidation, etc can be applied.

Once this starts happening more we'll hopefully find more sanity and respect prevailing on Twitter and other social media platforms. Social media is not a platform for abuse and non-accountability. If you publish something, be prepared to stand by it and if necessary defend it in a court of law. No-one is above the law, even presidents or prime ministers.

See https://www.businesslive.co.za/fm/opinion/editorial/2019-09-12-editorial-justice-for-no-1-troll-zuma/

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#^EDITORIAL: Justice for no 1 troll Zuma


Former president Jacob Zuma and his allies have weaponised Twitter. It is a delicious irony that he now has to fork out R500,000 for doing so

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