Popular Ad Blockers AdBlock and uBlocker Deemed 'Fake' - Check The Names Carefully Of Which Extensions You Install

The team behind AdGuard, a real ad-block extension for browsers, reported in a blog post this week that two popular ad-blocking extensions found on the Google Chrome Web Store are, in fact, completely fake, despite being used by millions of users.

The two extensions called AdBlock by AdBlock Inc. and uBlock by Charlie Lee, also mislead users by mimicking names of two real ad-blocking extensions, as well as the names of the developers behind those extensions. Users have reported these extensions as fake, but Google has seemingly yet to take action.

The ones you want to be using are uBlock Origin by Raymond Hill and/or Privacy Badger by EFF Technologists. We need to be careful with 3rd party extensions as they are often a way in through the backdoor of browser security,

See https://www.tomshardware.com/news/adblock-ublock-fake-google-chrome-browser-extensions,40422.html

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#^Extensions Masquerading as AdBlock and uBlocker Outed as 'Fake'


AdGuard revealed that two of the most popular ad blocking extensions on the Chrome Web Store are fake.

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