Search for Airbnbs By Cancellation Policy and Check-In Time (and more) Using This Chrome Extension

Maybe you want to find a host that has early check-in or one that offers discounts for long-term stays. Airplus is a Chrome extension that adds that extra layer of search to the site so you can surface that info a little easier. With it, you can specify things like check-in or check-out time, whether or not a property offers luggage drop-off, and if you’ll be able to check yourself in or if you’ll wait for the host to arrive in order to do so.

When you search on Airbnb, you’ll still get all the search results that you normally would, but the options that don’t meet your added criteria will be grayed out, letting you know off the bat that they’re not going to be the perfect fit.


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#^Search for Airbnbs By Cancellation Policy and Check-In Time Using This Extension


When you’re looking for an Airbnb, in most cases the built-in search works great. Sometimes; however, you have a few more provisions for your stay that aren’t covered by the standard search.

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