Snappy Driver Installer Origin is a free and open source application to update Microsoft Windows device drivers

You do often need 3rd party drivers for hardware components under Windows (which it does not automatically detect), and it is worse if the computer has no Internet connection to download the drivers. Many (most) applications that assist with this want to sell you something or have really irritating adverts to scare you into paying for device drivers.

Snappy Driver Installer Origin is different in that it is free and open source, and will also allow the full download (12 GB plus) of drivers to be downloaded for offline use. It is a portable application which means it can run from a USB stick without needing installation on the Windows computer itself. The source code is on SourceForge and I see it is being actively updated.

See some tips on using it at A look at Snappy Driver Installer Origin (update Windows device drivers) - gHacks Tech News

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Snappy Driver Installer Origin is a free open source and portable program for Microsoft's Windows operating system to update device drivers.

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