South African electric vehicle dealer Eleksa plans to launch the cheapest electric car in the country yet — the R200,000 CityBug for 15c/km travel costs

That makes it more affordable than the most popular hatchback in the country in June, the VW Polo Vivo, which starts at R222,100.

This 2-door, 4-seat compact hatch is designed for use in urban areas, boasting a top speed of 60km/h (which is not intended for cross-country travelling). It has a lithium battery which can provide a starting range of 100km, upgradeable to 200km.

Eleksa says the CityBug has an extremely low running cost, with a charging cost of 15c per kilometre, which works out to R15.00 for a full charge on the 100km model. With the inland unleaded 93 petrol price of R17.20, that means it will cost about R49 over 100km, more than three times the price of recharging the CityBug.

The point is that it is for really cheap inner-city travelling so for many this may be a second car in the household, and one also needs to remember that servicing is going to be way cheaper than a petrol or diesel powered car.

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The Eleksa CityBug is set to launch in South Africa in September 2021, and will be the cheapest electric car in the country.

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