U.S. Citizens remain most sceptical about climate change according to a 28-nation study published by You Gov

Americans are less likely to believe that climate change is real or that humans have anything to do with it, according to a 28-nation online study published by British polling company You Gov.

Only Saudi Arabians and Australians came near sharing a consensus with U.S. citizens when it comes to believing the Earth’s climate is not changing. In the U.S., 6% of those surveyed believe there is simply no such thing as climate change, compared to 5% of Aussies and Saudis who concurred.

In places including India, Spain, Italy, Singapore, China and Denmark, just 1% of the population doubted the existence of climate change, The doubters in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Qatar, Taiwan and the Philippines registered at 0%.

It's not about the reasons why those opinions are believed (for or against) or whether climate change is happening or whether humans are to blame or can prevent it, it is a snapshot of opinions as people believe it to be across 28 different countries. So these are the facts as far as opinions go but it interests me to see how they differ considering we all live under the same sky and on the same planet. The only wish I have is, I wished that we could all live or die by our own consequences of our opinion (whether right or wrong) but the sad fact of it is that much of what any of us do, does affect other countries too as we all live on the same planet. I've got another post coming soon that will show there is a difference between younger vs older people too - the youth seem to have more vested in their concern about climate change.

See https://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/ny-america-climate-change-skeptical-study-20190918-cx7r5hgvybbzph34w24nsgorae-story.html

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