Valheim - The exploration and survival game has sold over 5 million copies and can be played single player too on Windows and Linux

I posted about this game on 18 Feb 2021 when it had sold 3 million copies in its first two weeks of pre-release. It's gone past that record already and whilst it is a multi-player (up to 10) game, and you can even host your own server, it is also a very enjoyable single player game.

There was some doubt as to whether a single player experience would be a good experience, but quite a few reviews have been done on it, and this is good news as not everyone has got a group of friends to play with (often friends just don't have the same interests).

The game has just on 158,000 reviews on Steam Games, and its average rating is "overwhelmingly positive". It plays on Windows and Linux and sells for $20 (although I'm seeing it listed right now in my currency at just under $10, so I'm buying as I'm typing this).

The video below gives an introduction and also shows the single player mode and how to get started.

See What Makes Valheim So Good (And Why You Should Play It)

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Valheim is a brand new exploration survival game set in a procedurally generated, Viking inspired world. The game released just a few weeks ago and has explo...

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