What went wrong with virtual reality (and 3D TV)? Could it just be cost?

I've been holding back on true VR mainly because of evolving quality and standards versus the cost to invest. I'm pretty sure it will be great but I'll be frustrated by a pixelated view and finding what I bought 6 months ago is suddenly no longer supported.

I can speak from experience having bought a passive 3D TV many years back that I am still absolutely in love with 3D TV and yet it has died out from consumer shelves. Why, I don't know, as the experience for me is still great. I can only think that the additional cost (especially for active 3D which also gave some headaches) lost the interest of manufacturers who were not moving volumes.

I just suspect that VR is suffering with the same consequences and it would be tragic to see it dying out as it has amazing uses for medicine, gaming, entertainment, travel, and so much more. It's probably like 3D though, once you have immersed yourself in it, will there be no going back.

See https://www.bbc.com/news/business-50265414

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It was thought VR would be as common as televisions, but despite improvements it is yet to take off.

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