China makes it a criminal offence to publish deepfakes or fake news without disclosure - Mirroring new California law on political ads

My opinion is this is a good thing as it still allows anyone the freedom to produce good deepfakes that others can enjoy and admire, but without the danger of misleading people. Without disclosure, we risk deliberate and intentional misrepresentation (which could amount to fraud).

"Let's enjoy 'funny' but not deliberately mislead others"

Yes the "how" is going to be debatable as to how the disclosure should happen, and where the line is crossed between "fake" and "true". That will play itself out but no-one should have a right to spread false information (knowing it to be false) as it is tantamount to legalising fraud. Allowing deliberate falsehoods to be spread through social media sites on the Internet is what has largely contributed to the trolling, negativity, and falling quality of interaction online. This is probably why many social networks were insisting that real profiles were used to try to retain some accountability. The negativity is pushing many users away from the Internet which is a great tragedy as it can be used for so much good too.


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#^China makes it a criminal offense to publish deepfakes or fake news without disclosure


The Cyberspace Administration of China issued a new policy Friday designed to prevent the spread of fake news and misleading edited imagery and video, known as deepfakes. The new policy criminalizes the publication of such content with proper disclosure that it is indeed fake.

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