Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor System: Uses Existing Pet Litter Box

A flat white scale with a cat litter box on top. A cat is standing in the litter box. To the left is a smartphone superimposed on the picture, and superimposed over the cat is a weight graph line and the words "3 visits" with a weight shown of 7.6 lbs weight.

It takes about a week or so for it to learn your cats’ habits accurately. During that time, the app alerts you when an event is detected and, based on the weight recorded, you select which cat it was (or if it was a non-cat event, like you scooping). Once it learns who’s who, it compiles that day’s activities into the app, letting you know when each cat peed, pooped, or did a little dance inside the litter but didn’t actually go, complete with cute illustrated icons. You can set up multiple monitors if you have several boxes.

I like that this using exiting litter boxes, and seemingly has no subscription cost. It appears to recognise which pet it is as well (well it prompts you to tell it), and it monitors the frequency the pet uses it, for any changes.

It’s also a handy ‘weigh’ to monitor their weight as well.

Interesting gadget, but is probably a bit pricey for most of us.