New South African Eskom pricing can crush solar in South Africa - Proposing even higher fixed cost tariffs and lower usage costs

Yes, it may well drive some current solar users to go totally off-grid but it will also mean Eskom has to work less to ensure there is reliable power supply as they'll lose less if the power supply goes off. It's going to discourage many from moving to greener energy as they'll be faced with higher fixed costs and less to save on usage costs (way longer payback). I'm wondering if any other power utilities get away with this type of approach?

Higher fixed costs and lower usage costs also means more wastage by consumers as they likely won't feel the punch they feel now if they waste power. As costs rose consumers have spent a fortune on reducing consumption through LED bulbs, solar, etc and now consumers are being punished for these savings.

Instead, Eskom should have been getting their own act together by installing their new coal-burning power stations on budget and on time and running a more efficient operation. They should have been moving faster towards greener energy and grid storage themselves, with micro-grids to balance out renewal energy generation and storage.

I know Eskom is a major risk to the economy but that was in no way the fault of consumers. Giving Eskom higher fixed cost tariffs is only going to delay them getting their house in order. It is also going to not reward saving energy for consumers (if they can afford higher fixed costs.


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#^New Eskom pricing can crush solar in South Africa


Eskom is considering a new pricing structure which will have a material impact on the value proposition of solar installations.

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