20 Useful Telegram Bots to Wean You Off WhatsApp

OK, so WhatsApp IS the most widely-used instant messaging app, but it’s certainly not the best. The Facebook-owned software has many worthy competitors, one of which is Telegram.

Telegram bots are useful tools that can do everything from helping you streamline your productivity to helping you discover new music. There are literally thousands of bots available on Telegram.

Covered in this linked article are:
1. Weatherman
2. Feed Reader for RSS
3. What Music
4. DeLorean to set reminder notes
5. Crypto Whale to track cryptocurrency price movements
6. Just Dharma Quotes
7. GetMedia to download photos, video, and audio from most of the leading social networks
8. Pomodoro Timer is a time-management methodology
9. To PDF is a productivity bot
10. Skeddy also for reminders
11. UberTaxi
12. Wolfram Bot
13. Spotybot is a multi-functional Spotify bot
14. Giphy GIF Search
15. PronunciationBot for 84 languages
16. Trending Bot
17. Text to Speech Bot (or should this one be speech to text?)
18 Markdown Bot to add bold, italic and underlining to messages
19. PokerBot
20. Storebot

See https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/telegram-bots-whatsapp-users/

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#^20 Useful Telegram Bots to Wean You Off WhatsApp


Telegram bots can save you tons of time and help you be more productive. Here are some of the better ones that are worth your time.

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