Watch out South Africa You're Being Left Behind... The All-Electric Hyundai Kona Is Now Assembled In Nigeria!

CleanTechnica have previously discussed how Africa can also quickly join this EV revolution. One of the avenues could be incentivising imports of used EVs, since the largest share of vehicles brought into Africa and the ones the majority of people can afford are used vehicles. Increasing the number of models available in general, including brand new vehicles, will certainly help drive adoption.

Several African countries are actively promoting local production of motor vehicles to help drive industrialisation and economic growth, and thus increase employment opportunities. Several automakers have responded to the call by opening up assembly plants, such as Volkswagen plants in Rwanda, Kenya, and Ghana.

Two things I really like here: One Africa is starting to awake now with real assembly of EVs locally, and secondly that it is Hyundai's being assembled, which will be more real-world value that is expected by buyers (Tesla's are pure luxury vehicles).

See The All-Electric Hyundai Kona Is Now Assembled In Nigeria!

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Africa presents an exciting opportunity in the electromobility space. Africa’s low motorization levels present an opportunity for another leapfrog event, like seen previously in the telecommunications industry.

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