10 of the most useful apps available on Steam

Four different windows open on a desktop screen. Top left one has the title Wallpaper Engine and shows 15 thumbnail views of different wallpaper designs. Bottom left is a media playing app window showing a progress bar with four song titles listed below it. Top right is a window titled Settings Displayfusion Pro and it has various start-up options for that app. Bottom right is a window titled Lossless scaling and it has some settings options for scaling mode set to auto and aspect ratio, scaling type set to LS1, and a few other similar options.

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore PC enthusiast, you must have heard of Steam. As one of the biggest digital game distribution platforms, Steam has a huge library of games spanning several genres. For those who like gaming on the move, you may also be familiar with the Steam Deck, a highly-capable gaming handheld designed by Valve, Steam’s parent company.

However, there’s a lot more to Steam than games and handhelds. If you’ve ever ventured into the unending list of apps available on Steam, you may have noticed an odd software or two among the thousands of action, RPG, and other titles. Many of these apps are incredible for gamers, and in the linked article below, they cover some of the most useful software on Steam to improve your gaming experience.

Unfortunately, many of the apps are Windows/macOS only, even though OBS Studio for example does install on Linux. But nevertheless, there are some useful apps to be found within Steam.

See https://www.xda-developers.com/useful-steam-apps/