38 new features and improvements for Proton Mail and Calendar: Includes web mail content searching finally

Phone screen showing title All Mail at top, with listed e-mail messages in rows below. One shows the title Latest Proton Mail updates from Proton (official)

“Rather than focusing on big ticket items, we compiled a list of requests from Proton community members on how Proton Mail can make your life easier. This involved aggregating statistics from Reddit, Twitter, and UserVoice, and also analyzing data from over 100,000 support tickets dating back several years. Then we began diligently working through the list. We don’t make money through ads and we have no venture capital investors, so you, the community, are the only people we answer to.”

The issue with searching the contents of E2EE email was about not exposing the contents to Proton themselves. So, in the past we had to download and search, or use the local mail that was synced through Proton Mail Bridge. I’d be very interested to see how Proton got this right now, to work seamlessly in the web search.

They’ve also added protection from tracking links, scheduling of mail messages up to three months in advance, public holidays in Proton Calendar, and many more features.

I’d switched full time over to Proton from GMail a few months back, and have to say it is a really good experience right now. I’m on a paid tier so that gives me 510 GB of storage too – way more than the 102 GB I had with paid GMail.

I’ll certainly be looking forward to the snooze mail feature that is about to still be released.

See https://proton.me/blog/mail-calendar-improvements-2023