ActivityPub plugin for WordPress Adds Your WordPress Site to the Fediverse

Screen headed ActivityPub with a welcome message and a form for the author profile to be completed with a username and profile URL.

This plugin effectively turns your WordPress blog into a one-person Mastodon (or another microblog) instance on the Fediverse. You carry on doing your blogs as normal, but anyone from right across the Fediverse can find and follow you, and reply and like your posts.

What is really nifty is that replies from the Fediverse appear as comments on the WordPress blog post. So, you manage all the interactivity from inside WordPress.

This is ideal for those who are primarily focussed on their blog and would prefer to manage things there. Their Fediverse address will be that of their blog (with that domain name). In this way, you also own your Fediverse address and retain your blog’s branding.

This is perfect for businesses who run WordPress news blogs already, and who do not want to establish, and manage, a separate Fediverse account. Retaining their own branding is also the cherry on the top for them.

If you already have a Fediverse address, then that stays separate from your blog’s address.