Lutris gaming client easily got Assetto Corsa to run on my Manjaro Linux - it's a notoriously difficult Windows game to get running on Linux

Date Published: Tue, 7 Apr 2020 11:15:01 +0200

I had actually given up on Assetto Corsa after struggling with Proton tweaks etc in Steam and had got rFactor 2 running instead, but rF2 was still having issues with many older tracks not loading.

Lutris' big claim to fame (for me anyway) is that there are some tried and tested scripts available on their site (one button click to install) which seems to essentially sandbox a host of tweaks in one go that will work for each game. So yes it will take a bit more space as it installs WINE, MS .Net, etc as needed for each game, but it is a balance that works.

Assetta Corsa is over 10 GB in its download and is a highly detailed racing sim. Absolutely everything works except the force feedback for my cheap Speedlink racing wheel. But the wheel drives fine and I aim to replace it with a Logitech G29 which has a driver to support FFB. I have not yet tested out the online racing part but so far all looks good.
Lutris did initially give me errors on the install of the game but I then saw my Nvidia drivers were not the latest version (separate update from the normal package updates for major version releases) and I fully deleted my Steam version of AC. After that the install took over an hour but it did its magic all unattended.

More info on Lutris at About Lutris

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Play all your games on Linux. Lutris is an Open Source gaming platform for Linux. It installs and launches games so you can start playing without the hassle of setting up your game. Get your games from GOG, Steam,, Origin, Uplay and many other sources running on any Linux powered gaming machine.

Bitwarden: A Free & Open Source Password Manager - Can Import Your Data From LastPass, 1Password, KeePass And Others inc a Browser

Date Published: Tue, 7 Apr 2020 08:59:34 +0200

An interesting short review by the It's FOSS site. I can second that Bitwarden is the slickest alternative to LastPass, and I should migrate now as it was only my bank's old website holding me back (it required triple field login which needed a custom template in Bitwarden). I did take out Premium membership with Bitwarden when I was testing it, so I use my NFC based Yubikey to unlock Bitwarden.

For personal use both LastPass and Bitwarden are free and both have 2FA, but when you want to move to hardware 2FA LastPass is a bit more than double the cost of Bitwarden, and Bitwarden is open source and you can even host it on your own server.

As the reviewer says, if you can afford $1 pm it is worth supporting. I stopped my LastPass premium payments when they literally doubled their cost.

The Bitwarden security model does not support master password recovery = no backdoor reset. It does also have fingerprint login as an option.

See Bitwarden: A Free & Open Source Password Manager - It's FOSS

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Bitwarden is a free and open source password manager available for Linux, macOS and Windows. You can also use it via browser extension or on your smartphone.

Cape Town Man who posted fake 'contaminated Covid-19 test kits' video arrested - It's time fake news was held accountable

Date Published: Tue, 7 Apr 2020 08:55:19 +0200

On his Facebook page, the man paradoxically also claims that Covid-19 "is a total lie", that 5G cell masts "will kill thousands of South Africans and people around the world with radiation", and that people will be microchipped and the state will monitor their every move.

"The suspect has been charged in terms of Regulation 11(5)(c) of the Disaster Management Act, in relation to 'publishing any statement through any medium including social media with the intention to deceive any other person about measures by the government to address Covid-19'," Potelwa said.

Personally I'm really glad such a person has been arrested and hope his case goes to court. People do not seem to realise the consequences caused by spreading such fake news. Apart from the pandemic issue we have seen 5G towers burnt down in the UK. And in neither case is it based on any scientific or corroborated facts. Social media should not be taken advantage of to spread unsubstantiated allegations with a view to misinforming others. If you don't know any better, then it is safer not to post at all.

See Man who posted fake 'contaminated Covid-19 test kits' video arrested

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A Cape Town man who posted a video relating to Covid-19, claiming testing kits are possibly contaminated, has been arrested.

Centre For Computing History in Cambridge has released a copy of the ROM from their ZX Spectrum prototype

Date Published: Mon, 6 Apr 2020 14:21:55 +0200

This machine surfaced last year as part of a donation form the company originally contracted to write the Spectrum ROM and has been given pride of place int heir exhibition ever since. They’ve been doing some very careful work on it, and while The Register reports they can’t yet make the board boot, they have extracted the code for study. In the video below the break, we see it running on the Speccy emulator on an older Windows PC.

The ROM comes with an invitation to the ZX Spectrum community to analyze it against the stock version, in the hope of revealing ossified fragments of code such as that for the Microdrive storage peripheral which never made it into the stock Spectrum. But should you simply want to try your favorite games with the earliest possible version of the ROM, you can do that too.

See Download A Bit Of Sinclair History

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If you are a devotee of the Sinclair series of 8-bit home computers then a piece of news from the Centre For Computing History in Cambridge may be of interest to you, they’ve released a copy …

If Telegram or other messaging alerts have stopped on your Huawei phone you need to disable its aggressive battery saving for that app

Date Published: Mon, 6 Apr 2020 14:09:11 +0200

I just noticed my wife has not been reading my Telegram messages for the last two to three weeks sent from my side of the house in lockdown to her.... turns out she was not angry at me because when she actually opened the app the messages were there. I recall my daughter complaining about the same thing last month especially with regards to Telegram messenger.

This video shows a very simple setting change that can be made for any apps that must be able to send alerts like messengers or video doorbells. The same can go for other brands but it seems the Huawei is especially aggressive with its battery saving mode.

Watch at How to fix the Huawei Notification Problem

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I was having lots of problems with my Huawei P20 Pro receiving notifications, and after investigating I found a really neat trick that solved this Huawei not...

South African State-owned arms manufacturer Denel to make ventilators as local coronavirus cases rise

Date Published: Mon, 6 Apr 2020 13:44:45 +0200

“We are still in the early stages of the project, but we are optimistic that this local initiative will help to alleviate the dire need for medical ventilators that are required in great numbers at both public and private hospitals,” Denel CEO Danie Du Toit said in an e-mailed statement on Sunday.

See Denel to make ventilators as local coronavirus cases rise - TechCentral

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State-owned arms manufacturer Denel has allocated resources and expertise to design and develop medical ventilators locally as South Africa's coronavirus infections increased by 70 cases to 1 655.

Tech during Lockdowns: The Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra plays you the South African national anthem from their homes

Date Published: Mon, 6 Apr 2020 13:03:16 +0200

A nice intro from the guest conductor about music reflecting lots of emotions. That combined with playing our national anthem, does exactly that.

It shows again how technology can also still promote so many interesting uses for musicians to collaborate even around the world, or psychologists to open up their exposure outside of their own city or country. I'm seeing quite a few other benefit concerts taking place online just as we've seen those real racing drivers getting involved on esport sims with over 65,000 live viewers.

In a way the pandemic is also allowing technology to really come to the fore during these challenging times whether it is for communication, keeping businesses running, sharing information, or even saving lives.

Watch at CPO COVID-19 video 2

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Bernhard Gueller - principal guest conductor of the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra South African national anthem in baroque style - introduction musicians:...

Opera vs Vivaldi vs Brave - The Web Browser Comparison - You want to watch this if you use Opera...

Date Published: Sun, 5 Apr 2020 18:46:42 +0200

An interesting review by Chris Titus Tech and it seems Opera has changed a bit over the years, and not for the better. My main browser is still Vivaldi.

See Opera vs Vivaldi vs Brave | The Web Browser Comparison

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Opera vs Vivaldi vs Brave | The Web Browser Comparison Let's compare web browsers and see which one is best. One of these is absolutely horrible and won't be...

My comparative observations between the Oura Ring and my Fitbit Charge 2 with screenshots

Date Published: Sun, 5 Apr 2020 11:05:16 +0200

The important thing is to firstly describe what they do differently. The Fitbit focusses very much on the details of an exercise routine including having a display showing instant heart rate and steps, whilst the Oura Ring focusses on baselining health data taken during sleep (a controlled environment) and then showing trends that change based on certain stimuli which you add tags for during the day (including your exercise routine).

The ring uses infrared technology vs most wrist activity trackers which use green light, and the ring measures on the underside of the finger (like hospitals do) vs activity trackers which measure on the top of the wrist.

They are both going to give you overviews of your daily activity. Whilst the Fitbit may show the heart rate throughout the day and night, it does not show heart rate variation, temperature variation or average respiration. So neither is really a direct competitor of the other - they serve different purposes.

In a week's time I'll be showing more of the trend information from the ring as well as what I receive as reports.

See the screenshots with descriptions at

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Why a Shaving Brush (vs an Aerosol Can) Is Crucial for Wet Shaving

Date Published: Sat, 4 Apr 2020 23:10:05 +0200

When it comes to traditional wet shaving, a lot of emphasis is placed on the blade itself. Whether you prefer to go old school with a safety razor or really old school with a straight razor, having a blade that can provide a close and clean shave is of the utmost importance. But the accoutrements are just as important. If you overlook the lather, you may be sacrificing the quality of the shave. A good lather will soften your facial hair and skin, allowing the razor to glide more gently across the skin. Not only will that result in a closer shave, but your skin will feel softer and less irritated. By far the best way to get a good lather is with a shave brush.

Using a shave brush with shaving cream or shaving soap allows you to create a rich lather that simply can’t be replicated with an aerosol can. While buying shaving cream with a brush has an initial cost that’s substantially greater than your standard can of shave foam, you’ll actually save money in the long run. As with many things that are “convenient,” there’s typically a hidden cost.

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Why a Shaving Brush Is Crucial for Wet Shaving
by Jonathan Zavaleta on SPY

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