ONLYOFFICE 7.1 is Out With New PDF Viewer, Slideshow Animations + More, as an open source alternative to MS Office and LibreOffice for Windows, macOS and Linux

ONLYOFFICE offers a high-performance, well-featured, and fully-functional alternative to LibreOffice (which, though awesome, is a bit ‘old-school’ for some folks’ UI tastes). It’s also the next-best thing to that stalwart of the productivity software scene: […]

Reticulum is a cryptography-based networking stack for wide-area networks built on readily available hardware, that can operate even with very high latency and extremely low bandwidth

Reticulum allows you to build very wide-area networks with off-the-shelf tools, and offers end-to-end encryption, autoconfiguring cryptographically backed multi-hop transport, efficient addressing, unforgeable packet acknowledgements and more. Reticulum is a complete networking stack, and does […]