FUTO Keyboard is an open-source mobile keyboard for Android that stays private and offline

Mobile keyboard with white background and letters in black. Below it is a caption saying: Your keyboard shouldn't connect to the Internet. Unlike most popular keyboards, our keyboard does not have Internet permissions. What you say and what you type is none of our business.

If your computer keyboard doesn’t ask for internet access, neither should your mobile keyboard. FUTO Keyboard is a modern keyboard app with voice input and autocorrect, that is completely offline and never connects to the internet, in order to ensure your privacy and security.

FUTO Keyboard contains modern features such as autocorrect, voice input and swipe typing. It is also configurable to suit your personal taste.

No data is collected, nor shared anywhere. It is still in alpha version but can be downloaded either from the Google Play Store, from F-Droid, or using Obtanium to update directly from the APK releases on GitHub.

See https://keyboard.futo.org/