Detailed Toyota/Lexus Hybrid Driving Stats using Hybrid Assistant App

Certainly if you do not have a hybrid car, one of the best compatible all-purpose apps I have tested so far is Torque Pro. You can import (or create) custom PIDs for many hybrid stats eg. from

But if you have a Toyota/Lexus Hybrid there is really nothing better than Hybrid Assistant. It has a single everything-in-one screen and a driver's report like I've never seen before. The report is pages long with stats you've never even thought possible. The screenshots I've shown are not everything that you see.

Provisos are that it works with Toyota Hybrids and the Ford Mondeo Hybrid (see compatible cars and also only with better quality ODB2 adapters (see compatibility at But for what you see.... it's worth buying a compatible adapter! Actually cheaper adapters do have issues like using a common MAC address and periodic disconnects.

Hybrid Assistant app at
Hybrid Reporter to generate reports at

See the screenshots at
Hybrid Assistant App - ODB2 Stats

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