5 Linux GUI Cloud Backup Tools

I'm still using Spider Oak as a cloud backup service from my Linux desktop as it is well integrated, end-to-end encrypted etc but I was looking around at other options after they made some comment in an e-mail to me saying they were increasing prices as they had to buy American made hardware (ie. not Huawei I would guess).

Of the 5 reviewed though in the linked article not all state that you get end-to-end encryption and one or two are pretty pricey too.

I've been leaning towards CloudBerry actually as for home use it is a once-off perpetual license ($29.99) with end-to-end encryption and multiple cloud options and even offline options exist. It has incremental and block-level backup which is important for cloud as you do not want to keep re-uploading a 1GB updated file.

See www.linux.com/blog/learn/2019/…

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