Not that the Airpods are any longer the benchmark to aim at (Apple is pretty behind on innovation nowadays) but whilst these earbuds deliver far more of what users have been looking for, as well as even Google Fast Pair which most reviewers seem to not have noticed, it is a bit pricey considering these things either get lost or the batteries start giving out after two years or so.

My own Airpods which I use with Google Pixel 2 phone are starting to suffer from degraded battery performance but I'm going to wait another 6 months to see how this market matures and see what specials come up around year-end rather. There are too many new products being announced right now and it is better to let the dust settle a bit.

Who knows, maybe these Sony's have a price drop around November...

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#^Sony's noise-canceling wireless earbuds crush AirPods with superior sound and battery


The AirPods killers everyone's been waiting for.

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