The Open Organization Community at has published The Open Organization Guide for Educators with free Lesson Plans for an Open Education

Are students listening passively from the back of the room? Or are they collaboratively shaping what and how they learn as their teachers connect their lessons to projects and contexts outside the classroom?

What if we could build classrooms, departments, or entire educational institutions on the same values that power open source communities? What if we let open organization principles — like transparency, inclusivity, adaptability, collaboration, and community — guide our experiments in transforming education? How might that change the ways educators prepare students for life in an increasingly open world?

The open organization community at has just released a new guide for helping educators realize the benefits of constructing their classrooms, departments, and schools on open principles. Their guide features dozens of tips for creating more transparent, adaptable, and inclusive educational organizations in a number of learning contexts — including public, private, post-secondary, and non-profit spaces.

Like all books in the Open Organization series, The Open Organization Guide for Educators is licensed under the terms of a Creative Commons license so its source files are available on GitHub, so readers can share it, fork it, modify it, log bugs and typos, and propose their own additions.

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