New Website Showcases KDE Plasma Desktop for Linux

KDE is a very popular, highly configurable and themeable desktop GUI that sits on top of many Linux distros such as Ubuntu, Manjaro, SUSE, Linux Mint, and others. It's also well-known for its high-quality applications such as Krita, digiKam, KDE Connect, etc. So although I've migrated through Ubuntu, Linux Mint and now finally Majaro, KDE has been my desktop of choice also all my Linux flavours I've been using.

Through some web magic, the website guides new and existing users alike through the core KDE Plasma desktop GUI, like the Plasma launcher and system tray, while surfacing other details, like the Discover software store.


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#^New Website Showcases KDE Plasma Desktop - OMG! Ubuntu!


KDE Plasma desktop environment is modern, lean and feature-packed, and it now has a brand new interactive website to showcase it!

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