Magic Earth: A New Google Maps Alternative Launches on Android Auto based on OpenStreetMap

View of phone screen with dashcam view of the road ahead and overlays for speed limit etc

Magic Earth now supports Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) systems powered by the phone’s camera. The application can monitor the road ahead and provide functionality otherwise available in integrated ADAS technology fitted into the car. The application offers lane departure warnings, traffic sign recognition, and forward and pedestrian collision notifications.

The navigation application, which retains its focus on user privacy and offline route guidance, also brings most features to Android Auto. Magic Earth now supports truck navigation, letting users enter vehicle information. For example, the application can look for routes based on certain vehicle parameters, such as width, height, length, weight, and axle weight. Once all these details are provided, Magic Earth only configures appropriate routes, avoiding narrow roads, low bridges, and sharp curves.

I tested it out today, but in my case, the version I just downloaded did not yet recognise Android Auto. Just like OsmAnd it is based on OpenStreetMap. It has a much simpler, but I’d say better looking, interface than OsmAnd. Any new interface of course takes a bit of time to get used to. OsmAnd does also have all the truck navigation features previously mentioned, and it has a ton more settings and options (for example also speed bump and pedestrian crossing warnings), but many may find OsmAnd a bit more complex. If so, then Magic Earth may be well worth trying out.

Magic Earth says they are privacy first with no tracking, no profiling, don’t trade in our personal data, and don’t have our personal data.

It does have options for traffic and re-routing (and I’m not sure how the traffic data is working) but I suppose the proof of the pudding for many will be, how well does it route in real life. You can however also tweak these settings for cars, bicycles and walking (I imagine trucks is in the newer version I don’t seem to have yet).