Andy Rubin’s Essential Android Phone is Now Official

You may not have heard of Essential Products or the Essential Phone before today, but there’s a good chance you know who Andy Rubin is. He is famous for co-founding Android Inc. in 2003 and laying the foundation of what is now the world’s most popular OS. So when Andy Rubin creates a smartphone through his company Essential, the world has to take notice.

It may tick most of the boxes but early responses are a bit mixed.... I like the combination of titanium and ceramic in its build, but some say the battery could have been a bit bigger, no front facing stereo speakers or headphones jack, no wireless charging. They're probably not major issues though, but probably would also not pull me away from my Nexus 6P phone.

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Andy Rubin's Essential Phone is Now Official

Andy Rubin's inaugural flagship smartphone from his company Essential is now official. Head on over to know more about the Essential Phone!

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