11 open source resources for teaching and learning Python

11 open source resources for teaching and learning Python

If you're looking to teach, tutor, or mentor beginning programmers, you've got your work cut out for you. Different learning styles, varying levels of knowledge, and a subject area that's a moving target all conspire to see you run ragged as an instructor. Luckily, there is help available—lots of help. It comes in the form of open source textbooks, tools, and even games—all created to make being a teacher (and a learner) easier than ever before.

Just like open source software, open source courseware refers to books, tutorials, games, and quizzes that are free to use, share, and even modify. There are a number of open source licenses available to creators of content, including the GNU Public License, the MIT and BSD licenses, and several variations of the Creative Commons license. They vary in what they permit, but what's important is that they're all free to use in your classroom.

See https://opensource.com/education/16/4/teaching-python-and-more-with-oer

Teaching Python and more with open educational resources | Opensource.com
Brian Hall shares a few of the open source resources he used to teach his college-level Python programming class.

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