GitLab vs GitHub: GitLab is like GitHub on Steroids

GitLab vs GitHub: GitLab is like GitHub on Steroids

Version Control repository management services are a key component in the software development workflow. In the last few years, GitHub and GitLab positioned themselves as handy assistants for developers, particularly when working in large teams.

With the latest release of GitLab 10.0, GitLab took a major leap forward from code management, to deployment and monitoring. GitLab calls it Complete DevOps. They aim for the entire software development, deployment and DevOps market.

That means when talking about the differences and similarities of GitLab vs GitHub, we need to look beyond code repositories and take a look at the entire process.

GitLab says about their recently announce Complete DevOps vision: Now, we’re taking it a step further to unite development and operations in one user experience.


GitLab vs GitHub: Key differences & similarities

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