Is Friendica ( not one of the best alternatives to Facebook? #deletefacebook

Is Friendica ( not one of the best alternatives to Facebook? #deletefacebook

I'm on a lot of social networks so have a feel for what hits the spot or not and I've been grappling with this issue along with many other people after deleting our Facebook accounts. The alternative being sought by most is an advert free (no company injecting ads or selling our information) federated type network (allowing connectivity easily between different instances/servers), but with some of the key value-adds from Facebook such as private/public posts, photos, videos, events, etc.

Most that I have seen will allow basic posting, tagging, photos, comments, etc but they tended to not have events or photo album functionality. Diaspora has been my closest bet so far (remembering that Mastodon is a Twitter alternative). Google+ is also good at fulfilling requirements but many will say it is owned by Google and what happens to their data.

But I had a re-look at today which is one of the server instances of the Friendica network.

Of note are the following features:
* It federates with other Friendica servers as well as Diaspora (you're part of a big family no matter where your friends sign up)
* It's very open and not at all a walled garden. There is buil-in support for StatusNet, GNU social, Quitter, and diaspora*
* It's photos allow for separate albums to be created (when uploading them).
* It has events that you can post publicly or share to contacts. Redaer scan click attend or won't attend.
* It will post to other networks like Twitter etc, and import posts from other networks into your stream eg. your blog or a Google+ stream. So you can eithe rfull in your feed from elswhere to auto post, or you can post here and have it sent out to Twitter and elsewhere automatically.
* You can like or not like posts.
* You can save personal notes.
* Can chnage the colour themes.
* Can opt to have author, location, etc stripped from any photos uploaded (set by default).
* A post can have a photo, video, audio link, location, attach a file, or web URL added.
* Masses of settings to cover filtering to languages you can understand, NSFW filtering, parental contyrol, delegations, and tons more.

I'm going to make this my personal recommendation for now. A list of Friendica sites to join is at And I'm on at

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