Old-School Shaving Soaps Are Making A Much-Deserved Comeback - These Are Some Of The Best You Can Buy...

Old-School Shaving Soaps Are Making A Much-Deserved Comeback - These Are Some Of The Best You Can Buy in 2018

Using a traditional shaving soap is more arduous than new fangled creams, gels, and foams, but it’s also shaving as its most old-school: rugged, manly, and skilful. It actually dates back a couple of centuries, long before David Beckham turned us all into well-moisturised metrosexuals, and is one of the original grooming essentials for men.

Usually produced as a small puck-like bar, shaving soaps are long-lasting – better value for money and often better quality than canned products – and demand some serious technique. Unlike shaving creams and gels, which come ready-hydrated and can be just slapped on (often straight from the can), shaving soap needs to be lathered with water, traditionally done with a badger-hair brush in a bowl, then brushed onto the face. This is grandad-approved grooming – shaving as a ritual as much as losing the five o’clock shadow. If you’re in a crippling rush to get to the office, it’s probably not for you.

As with all shaving products – whether we’re talking shaving creams, gels or foams – the point is to ‘cushion’ and lubricate: softening the hairs and protecting your skin. But shaving soaps offer extra hydration. The soap removes the natural oils from your hair and skin, allowing water to penetrate your hair and stop the razor from pulling on them as you shave.

“Soaps generally are considered to have a ‘slicker’ shave,” says Nick Gibbens, shaving expert from Bluebeards Revenge. “This is due to certain ingredients, such as tallow, lanolin, glycerin and bentonite clay that are added to the soap. This provides a smoother and gentler shave, especially for heavily bearded gents.”

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Old-School Shaving Soaps Are Making A Much-Deserved Comeback
Shaving soaps are the old-school way to get a barber shop-quality shave at home. Here's why you should switch to shaving soap, how to apply one correctly, and the brands that produce the best versions on the market today




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