My Summer Car is an open world survival game based around building your own car from the shell using...

My Summer Car is an open world survival game based around building your own car from the shell using parts, bolts and spanners

My Summer Car is a game currently in development by the Amistech team, with help of the community in a form of testers, people that do character voices and those that give ideas and suggestions as the game is still in Early Access on Steam.

The game takes place in the Finnish countryside. You play as a 19 year old male whose main goal is to assemble a taken apart, rusty old Satsuma, the in-game equivalent to a Datsun 100A that came out of use for the family and spent it's last years in the garage, and make it pass the inspection. While doing so, the player must manage their bodily needs and acquire money to pay for food, electricity, fuel and even performance and visual upgrades later for the car. In order to make money, the player has to do different jobs like pumping septic tanks, delivering wrecked cars, brewing kilju or doing vandalism.

The gameplay detail though is what really makes this game. There is no quick start and you have to do jobs to first earn money to buy parts to complete and modify your car. (your car starts as a shell dissembled down to the last bolt, and you have to source and buy stacks of engine and car parts right down to cylinders, spark plugs, etc and assemble it using the correct tools) You have to sleep, eat, wash and look after your health. But the mindblowing part is all the mechanical accuracy - over tighten the fan belt and it will break. Before you get parts you have to order them, wait for them to arrive and then fetch them at the post office. Don't put the wrong grade of fuel in the vehicles either! The diesel fan first needs to warm the spark plugs before you can start it. And you can die!

The best way to get a feel for what the time is about is to watch Squirrel's intro video below and to have a look at the wiki at To get going, as it is a detailed simulation, it is a good idea to read this getting started guide at

Watch Squirrel's video of the game at

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