Takealot fix / optimize your system otherwise it's quicker for us to order from Amazon.com

Takealot fix / optimize your system otherwise it's quicker for us to order from Amazon.com

So I ordered a keyboard and mouse from Takealot (both in stock in their local warehouse) as well as a night light (5-7 days delivery time) but the 3rd time now delays the whole shipment t over a week even though the first two items could be collected by tomorrow. Apparently, you can't split orders so everything is tied up. I was advised I could maybe cancel the one item and re-order it with credit, but there is not an option to cancel one item, nor even the whole order. Even if I could cancel the whole order and place two split orders, the credit would take a day or two to be processed so I'd still pay double now.

To top everything when I go back to their site I see the identical item (the delayed shipping one) has the same item at the local warehouse in stock but fulfilled by a different supplier. It's just super messy and not really optimized. There is no way I'll be able to change that unshipped order now to switch to the alternative available product.

Takealot is going to have to up their game as importing from http://Amazon.com is getting super easy and quick. Now you can just opt to have the shipping, import duty and VAT paid up front in your order, and about 1 week later it arrives at your front door. By way of example, the Redragon Yama keyboard could be delivered to me within 7 days at about the same total price as Takelot can.

Takelot's advantage should be quicker delivery. So maybe god advise to other South African's is that you need to split your order before ordering for available vs delayed delivery items from Takealot. Right now it seems there is no flexibility for earlier collection. Because I can't collect during the work week, the "collection" option I chose is going to further work against me now. If I'd chosen the free home delivery option it could have still arrived during the week. But that is another option that Takealot does not give you - any ability to switch delivery method.

I'm still hoping they manage to sort something out by tomorrow but I'll probably have to resign myself now to waiting to the 23rd of June (2 weeks). I'm not going to make this mistake again that is for sure. Just thinking I could actually have bought the keyboard and mouse at the local computer shop at Canal Walk tomorrow but my order is tied up at Takealot now....



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