Report: It's not a question of ‘if’ electric vehicles will replace petrol and diesel cars, but ‘when...

Report: It's not a question of ‘if’ electric vehicles will replace petrol and diesel cars, but ‘when’ and 2023 they should be cheaper

The question of whether electric cars will at some point replace petrol and diesel does now seem to be settled. In 2017, the UK government announced that from 2040 it will ban the sale of all new diesel and petrol cars and vans in this country, putting a definitive date on a change that was probably set to happen anyway.

Most of the main sticking points that are currently putting drivers off from switching to an EV, such as range anxiety, are coming unstuck at a rapidly increasing rate. Currently, the largest obstacle to mass uptake appears to be the purchase price of the cars themselves, and in the short term, this will continue to put many people off from making a purchase.

However, with many manufacturers now putting sizeable amounts of money into developing new electric models over the next two to five years, with reducing the cost of batteries being a major part of this, it seems likely that costs will come down quite significantly within a similar time frame.

Considering how quickly things are moving in the electric car market, the UK government’s 2040 announcement seems very conservative and it’s likely this motoring revolution will have happened sometime before then.

Topics in the report include:
* History of the electric car
* What is an electric car?
* What do drivers think?
* Why should I own an electric car?
* Why aren't more drivers making the switch?
* EV mythbuster - A look at two common misconceptions
* What does the future hold?

“Over three years, a 100% electric car could save an average of more than £1,800 in fuel costs and road tax” - Poppy Welch, Go Ultra Low

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Electric cars - A special in-depth report
As we march toward the 2040 petrol and diesel ban, we take an in-depth look at whether we're truly ready for such a change.

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