How to Jailbreak Your iPhone: The Always Up-to-Date Guide [iOS 10]


Good and bad news....

Jailbreaking your iOS device has always been a pastime for tinkerers and users who want a little more from their iPhone or iPad, though the practice has fallen out of favor as of late. The process of unlocking your device never stays stagnant, however, so we’re here to let you know how to jailbreak your device. In short, you can’t for 10.3.3.... yet. Apple’s incorporated the best work of the jailbreak community into later versions of iOS, making jailbreaking your iOS device more trouble than it’s worth. According to Motherboard, famous jailbreak programmers have since abandoned the jailbreak scene and have turned to other projects, with some choosing to work at Apple itself. Even the founder of the jailbreak App Store Cydia has given up on the practice, citing its potential to be used to hack phones for malicious purposes rather than add functionality.

That said, most iOS users did not buy their iPhones for freedoms like this so it should also not really be such an issue. I still jailbroke my old iPhone 3 but today I just prefer the freedom of Android as I am a born tinkerer and bleeding edge user who'd probably shrivel up with no new surprise features and updates every morning ;-)



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