5 open source alternatives to Trello

5 open source alternatives to Trello

Wekan is a pretty close match to Trello. Maybe not all the extra whistles but it look identical with all the basic functionality.

If you're not familiar with Trello or the concept of a kanban board, it's pretty simple. Items on a list are each treated as "cards." Offline versions often use Post-It Notes moved across a series of bins. It's based on a process developed for manufacturing, but widely adopted by the lean software development community. Cards might represent a feature, which is moved across a board to represent its flow through development, review, testing, and deployment. Digital tools often allow attachments to these cards: images, links, additional lists, a person assigned to the task, etc., and many have additional tools for giving you a fuller picture of how tasks are moving across a workflow. For people with a lot of production-oriented work, they also work well outside of the software development world.

See https://opensource.com/alternatives/trello

5 open source alternatives to Trello | Opensource.com
Interested in using a tool Trello to help you manage your daily tasks and workflow, but want an open source option? We take a look at five free alternative kanban boards.

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