Why Apple’s next iPhone with eSim could be bad news for operators

Why Apple’s next iPhone with eSim could be bad news for operators

There’s a chance that Wednesday’s arrival of the next generation of iPhones might not be so welcome. That’s because there’s a possibility that Apple could introduce so-called electronic sims, or eSims. Even if this doesn’t happen this time around, the shift to the new technology looks inevitable.

Speculation about e-Sim has been rife since Apple complained to the US department of justice that American operators Verizon Communications and AT&T were colluding to prevent their introduction. The DoJ is investigating.

The classic Sim card is a small chip that’s inserted into the phone manually — making it more awkward to change your mobile network provider. You have to go to a shop to get a new Sim or have one delivered physically. The eSim is virtual, meaning that just changing your phone’s settings would theoretically allow you to switch carriers.

You have to wonder otherwise who benefits from ancient SIM technology? The SIMS must be manufactured, often couriered with strict ID requirements, and adds additional cost for consumers. Bring on virtual eSIMs.

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