Replaced the battery in my Google Nexus 6P phone


Replaced the battery in my Google Nexus 6P phone

I had hit the dreaded battery issue with my Nexus 6P earlier this year where it would just shut down on 30% battery. It still got me through the whole day but there was no reserve if I had to do a lot of calls etc. Many others had experienced this issue and I decided to replace the battery rather than enter the fray between Google and Huawei as to who accepts liability for it. There is no quick replacement battery that you can pop in, so you have to order a battery and then prise your phone open to do the job.

So after watching the video at I set to work with my heat gun and set of iFixit tools. The job took me just about an hour to finish. It all seems to be working fine but I need to let it do a few charge cycles before I know for sure.

Lessons learnt:
1. Need a very thin metal blade to lift the two back covers - all the iFixit tools are a bit thicker so I wasted about 10 mins until I found a Stanley knife.
2. Take note of which way the SIM card goes in - I reassembled with it upside down and was so sure it was correct, I spent a while thinking I had damaged something (it's a nano SIM that I cut myself so orientation is also not so easy to figure out).

Otherwise everything went as expected. Funny thing is I usually find when I reassemble engines or gadgets I have a screw or two left over.... this was the opposite because when I took off one cover I only saw 3 screws in place of 4 (one hole was empty) but lo and behold when I re-assembled it there was the 4th screw all ready for use! Other screws were also quite loose so this job at leats sorted that out too.

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Nexus 6P Battery Replacement
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