Innovation Think Tank Says Tesla Isn’t Disruptive, But $1,000 Mini-EVs Are

Innovation Think Tank Says Tesla Isn’t Disruptive, But $1,000 Mini-EVs Are

Imagine, if you will, a town in northern China such as Gaotang. The road is alive with cars and scooters. But the cars have been miniaturized, making Mercedes-offshoot Smart Cars look robust and bulky. They can cost as little as US$1,000, are made from stamped steel, have no safety features to speak of, have maximum speeds of 25 to 43 miles per hour, and don’t require driver’s licenses.

They are also biggish business in China, with about two million units sold in 2014 and more than 100 manufacturers. At least by European and North American standards, those numbers look large. But with almost 1.4 billion people in China, very low penetration sales add up to very large numbers very quickly. And with EVs having a sales price of 5-7 times that of LSEVs, the higher volumes do not equate to more dollars.

Many highly congested cities in the world have their traffic moving at slower than walking speed and certainly my own peak hour commutes to work and back in Cape Town often average stop/start up to 35km/h... one of these for $1,000 may be quite practical. Even when getting home it takes up so little space.


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Innovation Think Tank Says Tesla Isn't Disruptive, But Mini-EVs Are | CleanTechnica
Christensen, Iyer and Bartman would do well to review the full range of innovation that Tesla is bringing to bear in their assessments of whether it is disruptive or not.

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