Finally got fibre at home with a 5ms latency!!!

Finally got fibre at home with a 5ms latency!!!

It's been a very long wait to get our area wired with fibre Internet access. But finally on Fri 14th Dec we heard that the fibre was ready and my new ISP confirmed my application reference. Yesterday Openserve contacted me to schedule the install for today and by noon it was in.

Although my uncapped LTE-A was faster at around 50 - 64 Mbps it had a slower latency of around 23ms and the speed would vary and there were the odd outages and reboots required. I'm expecting fibre to be a lot more stable. The max speed would be 200 Mbps but that is pretty expensive on uncapped fibre so a good quality throughput at 20 Mbps is just fine for me.

I went with Afrihost again as not only has their service been truly awesome but they are also one of the few ISPs to partially credit my cancellation costs with Telkom. I've been with Afrihost for a long time previously on ADSL and with mobile data and love the way you can up or downgrade your package, pause it for a month or two, etc.


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