A simple Infographic on How An Electric Car Works

A simple Infographic on How An Electric Car Works

Plain and simple this just breaks down the different key components that make up an electric car. It is useful for understanding the different components to understand how they work in relationship to each other. Note that the transmission is usually a single speed transmission because an electric motor can speed up and slow down itself and have greater torque through its revolutions range unlike a combustion engine (which is why a combustion engine usually needs a 4 or more speed transmission).

The difference between hydrogen powered and battery-powered electric vehicles is the power source. Both use the inverter, induction motor and transmission for drive power.

Battery powered electric cars have been around for over 100 years (in fact they predated combustion engines) but it is only very recently that their technology has been catching up with combustion engines in terms of effectiveness vs cost. They were just not very viable ten years ago.

It's very likely too that in future these innovations will also outstrip and replace what we know today as an electric vehicle. This type of innovation will not stand still for long as we all know the power source/capacity of current batteries is not where it needs to be and that it will require different technology to make breakthroughs.

See https://cleantechnica.com/2019/01/04/how-an-electric-car-works/


How An Electric Car Works | CleanTechnica %
There are many reasons why Tesla has taken the automotive world by storm. Of course, one big reason is that Elon Musk decided to make his car company an electric car company. And electric cars have inherent advantages over their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts

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