Dedicated Nextcloud hosting as an alternative to Dropbox

Dedicated Nextcloud hosting as an alternative to Dropbox

This is interesting as normally you'd install and host your own Nextcloud service but many are not going to want to do that. There are 50+ providers offering it as a hosted service much like you'd get a Wordpress service. So you'll start out ready with your own dashboard to manage the service yourself. Some are free hosting but obviously limit the space to 5GB or quite small amounts, whilst a new entrant to this market is Hetzner (not listed here yet) which offers 100GB storage at just over $3.30 pm month. These providers usually do the basic updating of Nextcloud versions for you too.

A Nextcloud service not only rivals Dropbox (file syncing and sharing between your mobile and computing devices) but Nextcloud also syncs contacts and calendar information, and has additional apps you can activate that perform kanban boards, todo list, news, notes, mail, basic website, music, video chat, bookmarks, mindmaps, and much more (see

The difference between this and Dropbox is:
* You get to be in control of your own data
* You have more functionality and integrations (flexibility)
* You can choose in which country you want to host your data
* You can optionally enable Nextcloud's encryption so that your data is fully encrypted without even the hosting provider being able to access it.

The downside is you are in control so need to administer it (via menus so no source level coding needed) and ensure you have it backup us (although most providers will do at least a weekly backup as part of the service).

If in doubt you can always sign up for a free version of the service and if you like it, make a more serious consideration around a paid support level service. I've been using ownCloud and Nextcloud for the last few years for my file syncing but I set it up on my own hosting so it is paid for as part of my general server hosting cost where I run my Drupal, Webtrees, Lime Survey and other services.

See the list of Nextcloud hosting providers at

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Nextcloud is an open source, self-hosted file share and communication platform. Access & sync your files, contacts, calendars & communicate and collaborate across your devices. You decide what happens with your data, where it is and who can access it!

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