Overall Winner of the 2018 AskMen Readers’ Choice Award was the Merkur Futur Safety Razor

Overall Winner of the 2018 AskMen Readers’ Choice Award was the Merkur Futur Safety Razor

Shaving is something just about every man has in common — at least at some point in their lives. However, that certainly doesn’t mean every man shaves the same way. Far from it. There seems to be new brands of razors, types of blades, or shaving creams available all the time. By 2024, the worldwide population of men will be spending $29.4 billion on shaving, up from $20.52 billion in 2017. That’s almost 10 billion in just seven years. No wonder brands are innovating with their products to get and keep the men who buy them.

The survey makes for very interesting reading and don't miss the stat near the end about responses from women. What is driving a lot of the costs up is all this "innovation" of 5 blades, then 6 blades, some new chemical in the expensive canned shaving cream, etc.

Traditional shaving with a safety razor not only drives your shaving costs down over time, but you get to choose from far more natural products (did I mention a very big choice!), and of course there is less environmental impact. Problem there is no big "Gillette" marketing brand to push their safety razor on you as it uses the same single blade and there are lots of options in the market (oh yes, Gillette is actually still in the safety razor business but they don't advertise that fact as they make their really big money out of the cartridge razor business). Safety razor shaving was something our grandfathers knew about but for some reason, the following generations just followed the advice (sorry "scientific studies") marketed over the TV.

All I can say is we all have choices but I'm really sorry that as a teenager I never knew about the choices.

There is good reason why economists study the razor and blades business model which is a business model wherein one item is sold at a low price (or given away for free) in order to increase sales of a complementary good, such as consumable supplies. Safety razors are the opposite - you pay a bit more for a good quality solid razor, and then you save on buying blades with the break even after just 12 months usually.

Read the surve6y summary at https://www.askmen.com/grooming/appearance/askmen-readers-pick-their-favorite-razors.html

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