'Farming Simulator' is revving up its own esports league - Could bring esports to much younger players...

'Farming Simulator' is revving up its own esports league - Could bring esports to much younger players!

Hang onto your straw hats, folks, Farming Simulator is getting its own esports league.

After testing the water with the Farming Simulator Championships in 2018, the folks at Giants Software announced the Farming Simulator League for 2019, a new esports league that pits teams of Farming Simulator players against each other in farm-related activities for huge cash prizes.

If you don't know what Farming Simulator is, it's a video game series where players simulate the day-to-day activities of operating a modern farm, which involves a whole lot of driving realistic tractors back and forth across fields. It may not sound like much to people who haven't played it, but the series is wildly popular in Europe and has been picking up steam in other areas of the world in recent years.

To make the game into something that you can actually compete in, Giants Software had players baling hay and stacking those hay bales for the Farming Simulator Championship. You can check out the funny promo video to see what that looks like in action.

It is certainly not the sort of game I would have expected to hit esports but does ho to show that many games can be adapted for esports and possibly will be more fun for many than shooter type war games. This could also cater for a much younger competitor in esports, and possibly encourage more educationally focussed games to also move into esports. We have schools in South Africa that have recently received broadband connectivity and they are exploring esports for use in schools.

See https://mashable.com/article/farming-simulator-esports/

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'Farming Simulator' is revving up its own esports league
Head-to-head farming.

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