What Is Network Jitter – Best Tools to Measure and Prevent It?

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What Is Network Jitter – Best Tools to Measure and Prevent It?

Most of us are familiar with latency (similar to delay) and packet loss (error correction with resends) but jitter relates to a fluctuation in a network’s latency where some packets may arrive out of sequence and the recipient would be able to reorder the packets and make sense of them.

Some protocols, however, don’t deal too well with jitter. It is, for instance, the case of any real-time protocol such as streaming video or Voice over IP, the technology behind many modern business telephone systems.

Some of the tools in the article require installing but many online network speed testers will show jitter measurements too.

See https://www.addictivetips.com/net-admin/network-jitter-tools/. Can also try an online test at https://www.megapath.com/speedtestplus/ or at https://sourceforge.net/speedtest/.

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