Zero Motorcycles Introduces New Game-Changing SR/F Model with 110 horsepower, 200-mile range and Internet...

Zero Motorcycles Introduces New Game-Changing SR/F Model with 110 horsepower, 200-mile range and Internet connectivity to "find my bike"

Zero Motorcycles is not waiting around for Harley-Davidson to figure out how to make an electric motorcycle. The company has been doing it for the past 13 years. Any comparison between what Zero has done to the motorcycle industry and what Tesla has done to the automotive industry is strictly intentional.

The SR/F alerts riders regarding bike status, including interruptions in charging and tip-over or unexpected motion notifications. In addition, the “Find my Bike” function allows riders to keep tabs on the motorcycle at all times.

The SR/F takes the convenience of recharging to new levels with the ability to remotely set charging parameters, including Targeted Charge Levels, notification of State of Charge, Charge Time Scheduling, and Charge Tracking. These notifications allow riders to control all aspects of charging and to monitor charge status even when away from the motorcycle.

Riders can gather, relive, and share extensive data about their ride through the app. An industry first, the motorcycle records bike location, speed, lean angle, power, torque, SoC, and energy used/regenerated. Riders can replay each ride and also choose to upload additional content to record and share their full experience. Riders also have the option to keep data anonymous.

New updates and diagnostic capabilities allow the rider to remotely download the latest Cypher III operating system release to ensure optimal performance and provide access to feature improvements.

They're not cheap at around $18,000 to $20,000 but Zero has certainly set themselves apart from the pack.


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Zero Motorcycles Introduces New Game-Changing SR/F Model | CleanTechnica
The new SR/F from Zero Motorcycles is brutally fast yet supremely stable thanks to 140 ft-lbs of torque, 110 horsepower, and the Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control system and full internet connectivity. Look for a full test ride from Susanna Schick soon.

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